Monday, October 13, 2008


Well I didn’t blog about it before because it made me so sad, but our sweet dog Teddy was not able to come with us to Hawaii in August. Hawaii has some crazy quarantine laws and we also felt that we should wait to bring Teddy over until we were settled. Fortunately, Edward’s sweet parents agreed to care for Teddy and finally brought him to us on Oct. 1st. I was a little worried I was going to have to pry Teddy from my mother-in-law’s hands but she was gracious as always and helped me get Teddy adjusted to his new surroundings.

I sure missed this little guy. I forgot how much happiness he brings to our family.


Beth said...

Welcome Home Sweet Teddy!! I'm so glad your family is all together again. Love all the new pictures!Talk to you soon.

anna said...

it's so good to see you teddy! is that another little dog he is chewing on?

Nickname unavailable said...

He looks just like both of you!! And I know he has your mannerisms!! I love you!!